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A fan of food? That’s great! At Santa Barbara Family Wellness nutrition and lifestyle counseling often play an integral part of each individualized treatment plan. By altering the way we nourish our bodies, vast improvements can be seen mentally and physically. This may include adding or eating more of certain items, and/or leaving others out. As it has been said, “the food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or slowest form of poison.”

Jetta Harris is a big foodie, and is a firm believer that food can be medicine. With a passion for creating in the kitchen and finding new ways to get the most out of food while keeping it enjoyable, she passes tips and recipes on to her patients. Harris enjoys discussing and providing options in a “doable” fashion by meeting each patient where they are in their healing process. Oriental Medicine has its own unique way to consider the therapeutic effects of food which Harris utilized to provide integrative and individualized recommendations.

Chinese herbs

Long before the invention of acupuncture, there was only what could be collected for food or topical application. This transformed in to herbal medicine and resulted in an amazing pharmacopeia. At SBFW it is believed that herbal medicine is a major component of Oriental Medicine. While herbs may not be right for every case, Jetta Harris confidently utilizes them in her practice.


Sometimes our bodies benefit from a little added boost. Based on recommendations from myself, or under the guidance of another trained professional, Jetta is happy to offer her patients the quality and convenience made available by Wellevate by Emerson Ecologics. This tool allows for personalized recommendations for non-herbal recommendations to be delivered to patients right in their inbox for easy reference and reminders. Feel free to take a look around the dispensary!

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