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Traditional Chinese Medicine

The philosophy and goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (or Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - AOM) is to help a patient regain balance – mind, body and spirit.

Herbs and Nutrition - Santa Barbara Family Wellness

Nutrition & Herbs

Like Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." Nutrition is often a key component in brining the body back in to balance.


Acupuncture is can help alleviate and prevent a range of ailments by bringing your body back into it's natural flow of energy.

  • “Jetta is a wonderful practitioner. She provides a safe environment for healing and tranquility ...”

    — Cara G., Goleta, CA, Process Engineer

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  • “Jetta is fantastic. I had terrible morning sickness with my first child. Jetta took the time to sit down with me and go over all of my medical history and current symptoms. She then laid out a comprehensive care plan. She cares about her clients and would often follow up to see how I was feeling. My morning sickness finally subsided and I couldn’t have done it without Jetta. She is excellent!”

    — Diana L., Carpinteria, CA, Attorney

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  • “Jetta played a key role in my foot pain management by offering not only acupuncture treatments but also at home remedies to ensure reduced inflammation and pain. Her treatments also made a positive impact on my anxiety disorder and restless leg syndrome ...”

    — Jennifer Carmona, Santa Barbara, CA, Property Manager

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  • “Jetta is one of the most capable and effective medical and emotionally restorative professionals I have ever had the pleasure to know. She also always makes me laugh at the exact right times ...”

    — Catherine M., Designer, Santa Barbara, CA

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About Jetta

Jetta Harris, L.Ac. is a California Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, specializing in women’s health for all ages. She has a passion for helping her clients to live their best while feeling well doing it. Harris completed a Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (ECTOM) with highest honors – summa cum lade…

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